Forum Question: Renaming Used Bluetooth Mighty Mouse

I was given a bluetooth mighty mouse which has the name of the previous owner, is there a way to change this or to reset the mouse to factory settings? I’ve looked all through the mouse and bluetooth settings but not found anything?

Many thanks


— NeoGen

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    11/24/09 @ 7:17 pm

    Try this: Open System Preferences. Go to either the Keyboard prefs or the Bluetooth prefs, I can’t remember which offhand. Then you should be able to select the device and there should be an option to rename it.

      11/9/10 @ 1:25 pm

      I went to Bluetooth under system preferences, and there is a little drop down next to the + and -. In there there is a rename feature.

    2/24/10 @ 10:36 pm

    If the basics don’t work, make sure you have the magic mouse update 1.0. That seems to unlock all of the mouse’s functions on the computer.

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