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Split Long ALAC Track In iTunes (for Mac) Into Smaller Tracks

Using iTunes I have re-ripped my entire CD library in the ALAC codec. I have one CD of a live performance where the entire performance is a single track.

I’d like to split this track into the individual songs.

I’ve seen lots of ways to do this on the internet, but none for the current version of iTunes and none that go from ALAC to ALAC. I DO NOT want to create a lossy format version of individual tracks.
Mark Alfson

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    8 years ago

    I would do this in an audio editing app. Maybe try Audacity, though I don't know if it works in those formats. You may want to try GarageBand too. It can certainly allow you to copy and paste sections of a song and save them individually. But as ALAC? I don't know. A pro audio editing app may do it too, like Logic.
    I would try those things, and then your next step may be to consult with an audio pro.

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