Forum Question: Syncing contacts and Notes b/w I4 and MB13.

1) Say I add a new entry in my iPhone 4 contact list. When I plug in with iTunes next, will it be auto-copied to Address Book? Conversely, if I add a new entry to my Address Book on my macbook, will it be copied onto my iPhone? Does iPhone dance to Macbook’s tune or vice versa?
2) Notes: I keep deleting this particular Note from my iPhone, but every now and then it pops up again. And it’s backed up on my Apple Mail. Yet there are Notes I’ve created through Stickies that are on my computer but not on the iPhone. I don’t know whether it’s syncing through my internet connection or only when I plug in with iTunes. And I’m not sure whether my MobileMe account is also working at syncing my Notes.
I’m sorry if it’s all too complicated in my question-framing; essentially if you could explain to me how and in how many ways the syncing option works?
Thanks so much.

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    8/10/11 @ 3:33 pm

    It gets complicated because there re two things at play: you syncing with your Mac via iTunes, and your online account syncing with both your Mac and iPhone.
    You don’t mention what type of email account you have. But it sounds like something that syncs via the cloud like Gmail or MobileMe. If so, then I recommend NOT syncing with your iTunes. Just turn off contacts and notes syncing through iTunes. Let it all connect to the service and sync that way.
    Keep in mind that Stickies is a separate program and they are not “notes.” Notes are things that are like emails, but not addressed to anyone. They are just in your email account. You can write a note on your Mac and it will appear on your iPhone because they get put in the MobileMe/Gmail/whatever service that both devices sync to.
    Hope that helps.

    8/11/11 @ 12:51 am

    Just the first doubt still remains. Does online syncing ensure that my macbook Address Book and my iPhone Contacts always have the same additions/subtractions/edited contacts? So if I added a new contact on Address Book, it would show up on iPhone and vice versa?

      Dave vlake
      8/11/11 @ 1:27 am

      Yes it does and you can easily test this by adding a dummy contact on one device and you will see it very quickly on the other device

    8/11/11 @ 12:52 am

    And yes, I have both MobileMe and Gmail…

    8/11/11 @ 7:23 am

    Dave has the right idea. For things like this, just try it. Add a contact on your iPhone. Add one on your Mac. Look in your MobileMe account (on the web) and see them get added. No substitute for actually seeing this happen yourself, especially if you are curious.

    8/12/11 @ 8:00 pm

    Hi, I’ve moreorless sorted it out; turned off Itunes syncing. My contacts sync via Mobileme. I also have Notes syncing turned on for Mobileme. My email is through Gmail.
    My only question is – are the Notes being synced through Mobileme itself or through Gmail? If I rightClick the Notes tab in the sidebar, I have the option of Synchronising Gmail. Is that also at work with my contacts, and will that be a potential clashpoint? In other words, when I create a new Note, will it synced through Mobileme or Gmail?

      8/12/11 @ 8:08 pm

      Could be either one. Both MobileMe and Gmail support notes. So it depends which account you have selected when you create the note.

    3/2/12 @ 10:50 pm

    I can’t find my Notes from my iPhone after sync last night with my iTunes . Any idea how to find my Notes?

      3/2/12 @ 10:59 pm

      Find them where? On your iPhone or your Mac? What service do you use for Notes? (iCloud, Gmail, other?)

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