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Syncing Multiple iPhones with One iTunes Account

Hi Gary, i have a unusual problem.
We (Me and my wife ) have 2 iphones, but 1 itunes account,
we have the same songs in the itunes but different applications, different contacts and different email and notes

i am a power iphone user and my wife uses it for facebook, email and browsing.

I recently upgraded to iphone 4 from a 3G and i backed up fom itunes

In my macbook only my contacts and emails are there for the native mail app and my wife uses the browser based email and one for email and she does not have her own contacts in the macbook

i tried to create a user account for her and it seems cumbersome.

she is wanting to upgrade and i dont want her to lose all her contacts, email, notes
I know its confusing, but can you suggest a way to fix this?

— Aravind

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    10 years ago

    Well, you have two main options. The first is to create a separate user account for her. And then she uses the Mac by logging on to that account and syncs her iPhone then. She can set her iTunes to the same account to enable the same apps and DRM-protected videos to work. You can transfer those files manually from account to account.
    The other option is to simply sync both iPhones to the one user account you have. That seems to be how you have been doing it. But, yes, it does have the problem where she isn’t syncing her contacts, etc. However, it should still backing up her iPhone when she connects it. Right? So when she gets a new iPhone she can “restore” from that backup and she should have her contacts transferred to the new iPhone. You can ask about this process at the Genius Bar if you want someone to show you.

    10 years ago

    Thanks gary

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