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Using iCal in 24-Hour Format

I am a fan of using a 24 hour clock. Is there a way when looking at the calendar by the day or by the week to show the times using a 24 hour clock?

— George

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    10 years ago

    OK. Here’s how you do this:
    Go to System Preferences, Language & Text.
    Go to Formats.
    Under Timers, press Customize.
    Change the hours of all the formats to 0-23 by clicking on the hour of each format and choosing it in the pull-down.
    Here’s the problem: The pull-downs don’t work very well. I had better success switching the “Region” to something else (like Canada) and then back to US. Then the pull-downs seem to work. Or, you could just leave it as Canada and make adjustments to customize throughout. It takes a little experimentation.
    But once you are done, you will see iCal times in 24-hour format.

    10 years ago

    Thank you. It worked like a charm.

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