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Gary, this is odd.
I have a my own website which opens playing music. It was working fine up until about 2 weeks ago. When the site opens the music is off. Sounds like a beat was chopped off and the rest of the music is off.
My son has a PC and a Mac and when he goes to my website the music plays fine on both computers. I was at his house and heard it.
I called my friend who created my site and it works fine from his computer. I called Godaddy and they said everything is fine on their end. I called Comcast and they said the same thing.
Could the problem be with my iMac? And if so, what could it be?

— Peter

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    3/22/10 @ 7:23 pm

    Web pages play music usually using a plug-in like Flash, QuickTime, or some sort of media or audio player. Other than that, some Web browsers can play back basic audio files without a plug-in.
    You need to find out how the music is embedded in the Web page and what technology is used to play it back in different browsers.
    Chances are your browser is different than that on the other computers, and is not capable of playing back the audio. It could be an error in the way that it is embedded in the page that your browser does not overlook, but the others do. You probably want to seek help from a Web designer or programmer to have them look at and test the audio on your page.

    3/22/10 @ 7:33 pm

    One follow up question.
    Any reason why it was working fine and then it stopped?


      3/22/10 @ 7:35 pm

      Very hard to tell. A Web design expert may be able to see once one looks at it.

    3/31/10 @ 6:41 am

    Yeah,it’s so interesting…i mean why

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