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What Do I Do To Match the Colours In the Spread Sheet With Colours In Histogram?

What I meant was that the colours in the spread sheet for each category must match those with each corresponding histogram. I got stuck here. If I have given blue for category Personal and red for category Utility, etc then the histogram for corresponding category must also show blue, red, etc.
Darshan Kumar

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    2 years ago

    What do you mean by histogram? There is no chart type by that name. Do you mean a 2D Bar Chart? But it sounds like you are describing a pie chart too.

    With 2D Bar Charts, the color represents the series. It sounds like all of your data is in one series, so it should be one color. There's no way to have a different color for individual items, just individual series.

    If you want to create a 2D Bar Chart with just a single series of numbers (normally this would be a pie chart) then you can do it by creating a special table with each value in a diagonal. So values in B2, C3, D4, E5, etc. The header row and column would have the same labels, so B1 and A2 would be "Personal" and C1 and A3 would be "Utility," etc. Other cells would be blank.

    Then create a 2D Stacked Column chart from that table. Then you can select any bar in the chart and use the Format, Style sidebar to change its color.

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