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What is New in the Chargeable Facetime for MAC?

Hi gary I had downloaded the beta version of Facetime from Mac from the Apple Website on the day they launched.
I still use it and at that time it was Free.
Now the Mac Appstore charges 0.99 $ for it.
Is there anything New in the Chargeable Facetime App for MAC?
If not should i just continue using the free beta version?
Cyrus Dubash

Comments: One Response to “What is New in the Chargeable Facetime for MAC?”

    10 years ago

    The free version was a “beta” version — meaning it was for testing. Apple rarely ever does this, but other companies do it all the time. Heck, Microsoft had a free test version of the entire Windows 7 OS.
    So the thing with the free beta version is that you won’t get any updates. Not sure if there is a difference between the two versions now, but there might be in the future as the $1 version gets updated and the free one does not. They may deactivate the beta version (it may have a built-in expiration date) but I haven’t heard one way or the other.
    Apple says that the need to charge a minimum amount for the software because according to accounting rules if their software adds significant functionality to their OS then they can’t give it away for free. They’ve done it before with the 802.11n wireless communication update. This time it is easier because of the App Store.

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