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What Is the Best Way To Store ID Cards On My iPhone?

I would like to stop carrying hard copies of key ID cards (e.g. Medicare card) in my wallet. What is the best way to store them on my iPhone. Ideally it would be in the iPhone wallet, however, I can’t figure out how to get my ids into that app. Is there a more efficient alternative to storing them in Photos in a special album.

I do not want my key ID’s to get into the wrong hands in the event that my wallet is lost or stolen.

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    1 year ago

    For it to be in the Wallet app, there needs to be a corresponding app from that organization that has that functionality. For instance, for my insurance company they have an iPhone app and I can bring up my ID in that app. There is also an "Add to Wallet" function in that app so I can just see that ID in the Wallet app too.

    So you can't just add anything to Wallet. It has to be supported from that company/organization. Maybe check with Medicare on this?

    Other than that, you can take a picture of your card and store it in many different places: the Notes app or the Photos app for example. But I would opt for just storing it in the Files app as a file. Create a folder in there for Cards and then use the three-dots button to take a photo or scan and add it using your camera.

    1 year ago

    Ideally I would like to force it to reside on my iPhone so I don't need an internet connection to access it. Is there a robust way of doing this?

    1 year ago

    Jonathan: Use the Files app like I suggested. If you store in in iCloud Drive, only if you are out of space and haven't accessed it in a long time would you need to worry about it. So probably never. But if you like you can also put it in the On My iPhone section of the Files app and then it is local-only, not in iCloud.

    James Dunn
    1 year ago

    I save copies of all my ID’s in OS Notes Secure Notes.

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