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What Is the Drop Box?

In applications go > my name > users > public > Drop Box.

How does that Drop Box function?

Could I link to it from my web site as a private client dropbox?

I would like to use Drop Box (in my Mac HD) as a private dropbox linked to my web site.Possible?
Joe Renzetti AAW

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    2 years ago

    Don't confuse your Public folder's "Drop Box" with any cloud service or anything online.

    The Public folder has been around since the start of OS X and it is a way for other users on the same Mac to share files. Anything you place in the Public folder can be read by other users. And the Drop Box folder inside that can be used by other users to GIVE you a file. So Public is read-only for others, whereas the Drop Box folder inside the Public folder is where another user can also write, so it can be used to give files.

    When used in conjunction with file sharing, you can use the Public folder to share files to another user on your network or have them give a file to you by putting it in your Drop Box folder.

    If you are the only user on a Mac, then the Public folder isn't that useful. Even if people share a single Mac, most don't use the Public folder at all. But it had/has its uses in schools, organizations and companies. Even at home, you can use it as a primitive form of file sharing, though iCloud and AirDrop are better ways to do that today.

    It has nothing to do with websites and chances are you don't have things set up with your Internet provider and your network equipment to make it even available to others outside of your house.

    Joe Renzetti
    2 years ago

    Got it Thanks

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