Forum Question: When can a laptop replace desktop

With Office-type software it seems we have reached a ceiling, the power of a laptop can handle almost anything thrown at it, except maybe a spreadsheet with a million cells.
When do you think we can say the same with video editing software or gaming software? 5 years? 10?
It seems with gaming, the more powerful the GPU, developers take advantage of it by writing more demanding games. But at some point this should trail off??

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    2/24/11 @ 8:50 pm

    I think we have been there for a while. On the Windows side there have been dedicated “gaming laptops” for years, and those aren’t too far off from a high-end MacBook Pro. In fact, I’d say that a high-end MacBook Pro is a great gaming machine.
    And for video editing, it comes down to the video cards. Usually you need a tower to get those in there. But the 17-inch MBP has an Express/34 slot. The card I use has am Express/34 version, in fact. And with Thunderbolt connections, the difference between towers and laptops will be even less.

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