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Why Do Items Stay In the Dock?

Now that I am using Mojave, once I open something like an app, it stays in the dock. If drag it to trash, and it goes away, but when I reboot or start from cold, it reappears. Is there a setting to make things be deleted from the dock?

I am not all the way thru your excellent tutorial, so I apologize if it is answered in the tutorial.
William Lee

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    2 years ago

    There are now three sections to the Dock in Mojave. The left section, usually taking up most of the Dock, is apps that you put there, or were there by default. This is the same as before. The right section is files and folders and the trash, the same as before.

    The middle section is new. Of course it is probably very far to the right side, since the apps section on the left is large. If you look, you can see thin dividing lines between the sections.

    The middle section contains apps that you are running that are not on the left side. It also contains apps that you were recently running. This can come in very handy. For instance, suppose you usually don’t use Numbers, so it isn’t in the Dock. But you need to use Numbers today. So you launch Numbers and do something and quit. Now it is in this middle section. If you need it again today, it may still be there, saving you the trouble of searching for it again. If not, it will eventually be replaced by a more recent app at some point.

    This is how the Dock has worked on the iPad for a while. So iPad users will be familiar with it.

    You can turn this off if you really dislike it. It is in System Preferences, Dock, Show Recent Applications In Dock.

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