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Why TOC In Pages Sidebar Is Not Showing All Headings, but Appearing In Text?

Sir, Please help. I am writing my Ph.D Thesis. I am having problem with Table of Contents. All headings are not showing up in TOC Sidebar. Though, when I insert Table of Content on a page as Text, all heading are appearing correctly. But I need correct Sidebar for moving here and there. I am using Numbered Heading after learning from one of your video. I have searched many videos and internet, But I don’t find any answer. Eventually, I am writing to you.

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    2 years ago

    The sidebar TOC and the TOC you cn insert into text have different settings for which styles appear. For the sidebar TOC, click the "Edit" button at the top to select the styles that are used. For the inserted TOC, you select the TOC in the document and go to the Format sidebar, then click the Customize Styles button.

    Bharat Kumar
    2 years ago

    Sir, I am writing in Hindi. What I have discovered that…. If my Headings start with some particular Hindi letters (अ, उ etc) or any English alphabet.. it shows in TOC side bar. But if I start the same Heading with any other letter of Hindi language (not changing any style setting), it doesn’t show there. May be, this is a bug….!!

    2 years ago

    Bharat: I've never heard of that. Sorry I can't be of more help.

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