Forum Question: Will iWeb work after Lion upgrade?

Even though it is sure to change on newer systems that come with Lion, iWeb currently comes on new Macs. I understand the MobileMe hosting is going away. Even so, iWeb will still function and be able to upload to my current non-apple web host.
Since I already have iWeb on my current systems is there any reason to move away from it now? Will the upgrade to Lion disable or remove iWeb?

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    6/20/11 @ 11:04 am

    I’m sure that the current version of iWeb will continue to work with Lion. But is hasn’t been upgraded since iLife 09.
    Most people who use iWeb use it with MobileMe hosting. So when that is gone after June 2012, that’s reason enough for a lot of people to leave iWeb (before then).
    If you upload to a non-MobileMe host, then you could technically keep using it.
    But why? It is a piece of software built in the 2000s that will probably never get updated again. It will grow old.
    There are much much better ways to build Web sites — which is why I’ve always hated iWeb.
    I recommend to anyone that maintains a Web site, whether it is just for fun or for business, that they learn a better way. Like the examples I have been showing in the last few episodes.

    Johnny Robish
    6/23/11 @ 9:05 am

    I like iWeb, but always hated MobileMe, so I use another company to host my website. I have been looking for non-blog software like iWeb to migrate to and everyone seems to be saying Sandvox and Rapidweaver are the two best. For the record, I started on Dreamweaver CS3 and hate all the research you have to do and then have basically no support. Which of these two do you like or are there others that are better?

      6/23/11 @ 11:45 am

      I may do an episode later this summer on applications like this. But I don’t “like” any of them. I think online CMS (wordpress, etc) is a much better way to create a site. Don’t get hung up on the term “blog” — just because something can be used to make a blog doesn’t mean you have to make a traditional blog. Most “blog” CMS can be used to make almost any kind of Web site.

        Johnny Robish
        8/25/11 @ 12:28 pm

        Thanks for your response Gary. I’m curious why you would choose WordPress over software such as Sandvox or Rapidweaver. I briefly looked at WordPress and it seems to have a rather deep learning curve unlike iWeb. I was thinking if I were gonna spend all my time learning all that it takes to set up a decent site on WordPress, I may as well go for the real thing like Dreamweaver. What do you think?

          8/25/11 @ 12:40 pm

          RapidWeaver, Sandvox and Dreamweaver are all “built it on your computer and upload” web site builders. Very impractical for dynamic, growing sites like mine or even a standard blog.
          WordPress is a completely different thing. You are building your site on the web. There is no local “on your computer” element. It just makes more sense and is a more versatile solution.

            Johnny Robish
            1/9/12 @ 11:30 am

            Hey Gary! I understand your point about building a site on the web, but the learning curve is just not good on WordPress. But the same seems to be true with all the other programs except iWeb which is the best website builder ever made for those of us who are not professional wen designers.

              1/9/12 @ 11:43 am

              I disagree. It is a subjective thing. I, and many others, find WordPress and other CMS systems easier to learn and use. Maybe you just need to give it more of a chance. Stop trying to translate your iWeb knowledge to WordPress and instead think of it as a completely different skill.

              5/30/12 @ 8:47 pm

              I have done all of my low budget sites in iweb because it is extremely easy and the finished sites are beautiful. They look as professional as any I have seen and they navigate well. I looked at rapidweaver and decided that it was confusing, and for me, hard to understand. Too many steps and not easy to manipulate. I am not into the cookie cutter mentality. I created all of my sites from scratch. No templates! I hate Dreamweaver. If you’re a left brainer, then those are for you. If you are a designer and not an html savvy programmer, then iweb is great. Yeah, I know it is not sophisticated and cannot do all of the things some sites may need, but it gets the job done if you or your customer want a great little site that is easy to manage. I wish Apple would further develop iweb to add more features and take it to a top level. Not all cms sites are as easy to maintain as we are made to believe. I get complaints about it all the time.

                5/30/12 @ 9:10 pm

                I haven’t used iWeb in years, but reports are that it works fine in Lion if you have it. Of course any MobileMe functionality will end on June 30, but I assume you use FTP instead.
                I’d still advise you to look for another option (look in the Mac App store, Rapid Weaver is just one) as iWeb will just get older and older.

                Steve Ferrar
                6/4/12 @ 10:42 am

                My feelings exactly Ravanhart. I am a designer too (architect actually) and I find the ability to rapidly build good looking sites is a real benefit. I especially liked the way you could very easily put a large number of photographs on the web via iPhoto. I am really cross with Apple dropping this and mobile me. Lion offers me a lot less than I was getting with leopard and mobile me.

                john saville - Wright
                1/18/13 @ 6:34 pm

                i wholeheartedly agree with this. i have tried using Sandvox, but find it uninspiring, i think there would be a market for someone to upgrade iWeb

    Patrick B. McCutchan Photography Mccutchan
    7/22/11 @ 4:54 pm

    I love iweb I hope it does get an update soon! Probally will be able to host it on iCloud.

      7/22/11 @ 4:55 pm

      I seriously doubt there will be a way to host iWeb pages on iCloud. They have pretty much said that iDisk/MobileMe hosting would be gone.

    7/28/11 @ 3:11 pm

    iWeb was updated on July 11, 2011 to version 3.0.4. Some minor fixes but no mention of being compatible with or designed for iCloud.

      7/28/11 @ 5:45 pm

      No. And it won’t be compatible with iCloud. There will be no web hosting component in iCloud. Once MobileMe closes, you won’t be able to host your site there anymore.

    8/5/11 @ 8:52 am

    I have an old project made in iWeb. few days ago i updated to lion with additional iWeb 3.0.4 release .. now I can’t open the projects any more! When i click on one project only the beginning layouts’ choice appears.. what do i have to do?

      8/5/11 @ 8:56 am

      Not sure. It seems that iWeb works OK in Lion. I’ve tested it myself. I’d head to the Genius Bar as you need some first-hand help.

    4/29/12 @ 12:37 pm

    I purchased a new mac lion. I transferred my iWeb from my old mac.( pre snow leopard). Even though my website comes up, I haven’t been able to make any changes on it. I just installed ilife 09 hoping to alleviate the problem. Unfortunately, I still can’t make changes…as it seems that Lion isn’t excepting the mobile me.

    I wish to build a new website. My question is…if I build the site, will using a new host to allow me make changes and publish my site?

      4/29/12 @ 4:31 pm

      You can always publish using iWeb’s FTP function to a normal web host. But keep in mind that iWeb hasn’t been updated in a while and probably will never be again. I’d move to a new way to build your web site.

    Johnny Robish
    6/14/12 @ 10:27 am

    I rebuilt my iWeb site using Sandvox and it was relatively easy to do. That said, my site is supposed to look more like an old newspaper from the 1920;s and you can only do 2 columns with Sandvox. I may have to take Gary’s advice and learn WordPress. Do you have any online courses that you recommend Gary? Also, thank for today’s tip about how to send stuff to the trash without dragging it there.

      6/14/12 @ 11:46 am

      Everyone learns differently. I haven’t tried any online courses, so I can’t recommend any. Maybe that will work for you, though. Or, maybe a book? Or, maybe just playing around with it.

        Johnny Robish
        6/16/12 @ 1:34 pm

        Hi Gary! WordPress just totally frustrates me. For example, I downloaded several external themes that I liked to my desktop. OK, I then went to upload them, but you can oly upload them if they’re in a zip file. None of the themes (all from different designers) have a zip file. I Googled everywhere about the issue and got nothing but how to upload a them via a zip file. Things like that are so frustrating it makes me wanna pull my hair out. And that’s only just a start (lol). I like your idea, but WordPress is totally hopeless unless one had weeks and weeks to spend learning extremely complicated stuff.

          Johnny Robish
          6/16/12 @ 2:54 pm

          Gary! Sorry for the negative post about WordPress. Guess I was just feeling frustrated with the program. I just need to learn more. Appreciate all you do here.

          6/16/12 @ 5:15 pm

          If you have FTP access to your server, you can just put the themes right in the themes folder. No zip file needed.
          You probably got the zip file when you downloaded, but have your Mac set to automatically extract the zip file. Turn that setting off (in Safari prefs) and try it.

            Johnny Robish
            6/17/12 @ 1:16 pm

            Hi Gary!
            Whenever I download (just did another) a theme other than one provided by WordPress, it downloads as a folder with the name of the theme. I open up the folder and there are tons of icons which are components of the theme – all of which are important, none of which are labeled .zip. I tried labeling the folder .zip, but that didn’t work with.

    Johnny Robish
    6/17/12 @ 1:20 pm

    Forgot to mention that I checked Safari preferences and didn’t see anything about downloading zip files or extracting zip files.

      6/17/12 @ 1:39 pm

      Under General: Open “safe” files after downloading…

    Johnny Robish
    6/17/12 @ 2:31 pm

    I already had that checked. Its odd that no one ever encountered this. I’ve typed in the problem in every search engine and come up with nothing except how to upload using a zip file. Oh well. The folder is fill of all kinds of things, but no zip file. I’ll do more reading.

    Johnny Robish
    6/17/12 @ 2:38 pm

    Hey Gary! You’ve come through again. I went back into preferences for safari and unchecked and then rechecked that box and boom, got a zip file. Can’t thank you enough Gary!

      6/17/12 @ 7:13 pm

      OK. To be clear, you need to have the “Open safe files” option turned OFF (unchecked). That will prevent your downloaded .zip file from being instantly expanded to the contents of the archive.

    Johnny Robish
    8/4/12 @ 9:40 am

    Hey Gary! Just had to write again and thank you for your WordPress recommendation – even though I went kicking and screaming. If it helps anyone else, what convinced me the most about giving WordPress a try was when you told me to “stop trying to translate your iWeb knowledge to WordPress and instead think of it as a completely different skill.” Very good point and it worked. Thanks again for everything.

    12/15/12 @ 12:05 pm

    I had a bunch of issues with iWeb and Mountain Lion. I love iWeb and really want to keep using it. But who knows what will happen with it. Apparently though Apple may have sold iWeb to another company. Just a rumour but that would be awesome;

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