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Your opinion of Google’s services re: privacy

Just read an opinion piece on Macworld in which the writer questions Google commitment to our privacy. We are used to all these free services from Google, and now with Google Doc’s, Cal, Gmail and of course Google search, if they wanted to they would know much about us. The writer of the article implied Google knows more about us than the government and he’s planning on using less and less of Google. Your opinion? Do you save all of emails from your Gmail account?

— TM

Comments: One Response to “Your opinion of Google’s services re: privacy”

    10 years ago

    I think Google has been unfairly targeted here. ANY provider of service like Google knows “stuff” about you. If you use a small-time email provider, they have your emails on their server. If you use a small-time application on the Web, they have that info too. You are using their servers to communicate — how are you supposed to use their servers without ever using their servers? See what I mean?
    I find the whole privacy thing a bit tiring. If you want complete privacy, unplug your computer from the net and stop using the Internet altogether.

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