MacMost Now 225: Hot Corners

Learn about Hot Corners and how you can use them to have your cursor trigger actions like starting or disabling your screen saver, putting your display to sleep, or starting Expose or the Dashboard.

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    Mark Sheppard
    15 years ago

    Another handy tip for Hot Corners is, you can add a modifier key to a corner gesture, such as the command key. This way you won't have a corner action accidently triggered unless you are holding down the modifier key while moving your mouse to the corner.

      14 years ago

      I added a modifyer key to hot corners in Snow Leopard. It worked great, but the modyfied key disappears on me after a while and the hot corners get activated again solely by the mouse!

        14 years ago

        Not sure why that would happen. Try adding it bacl and see how long it lasts.

    15 years ago

    Greeaatt!! I had a complete misunderstanding of what hot corners was. I was in system preferences and had done all you stated, however, I thought hot corners was having to "click" on the corner of the trackpad. Great explanation. Thank you.

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