How To Download Files On Your iPhone And Unzip Them If Needed

What happens to a file when you download it on your iPhone? In many situations you can view the file right in Safari or Mail, but otherwise, you can find it in the Files app. You can also uncompress ZIP files, or even view the contents of a ZIP archive and extract only one file.

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    Geoff Turner
    2 years ago

    Thank you for this vitally important (to me) process - I have blundered around many time wondering where file has gone.
    Thanks for dealing with the day-to-day stuff as well as the more specialised areas.

    2 years ago

    Hello, just now am fiddling with my new iPhone 13, have seen your downloads "how-to" and need confirmation that a.) I can download items to my local iPhone for review prior to a trip with no WIFI and/or on an airplane for reading and b.) I can reload them to my iCloud for proper storage. Thank you! Best-PW

    2 years ago

    pw: You can always choose to download any file, and if you have plenty of storage space available it shouldn't offload them anytime soon. Test it out for yourself using Airplane mode.

    Jason B
    2 years ago

    Gary, this was very helpful! Does this apply to the iPad as well?

    2 years ago

    Jason: Yes, should be the same on the iPad. Try it.

    2 years ago

    Interesting and helpful video. How did you set the cursor/pointer to be a circle instead of an arrow?

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