How To Edit and Export Vertical Video In iMovie On a Mac

If you have vertical video shot on an iPhone that you wish to edit on a Mac in iMovie, usually this means cropping the video into horizontal format. But by using a trick in iMovie, you can both edit and export true vertical video.

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    10 months ago

    I didn’t find how to do it on iMovie. But now, thanks to you, I can do it properly.
    Thank you so much!

    9 months ago

    This helped me so much! thank you!

    Wayne The Boat Guy
    2 months ago

    THIS is exactly what I needed! I like using iMovie on my desktop and I have been trying to use it to make YouTube shorts for my YouTube channel. You should share your video on YouTube because I’m sure lots of people are looking for this. Thank you!!

    Mariano H Pardo
    1 month ago

    Man, you’re the Master. Thanks a lot

    4 weeks ago

    Glad I did a Google search about this and found this new 2020 solution! The last solution I knew was to export the horizontal video and then open it on an iPhone. Within the Photos app on the iPhone you could crop the video out and get rid of the two black rectangles. Now this is much more neat!

    3 weeks ago

    I’m using an imac. When I go to share it, it does not give me the 1080 option. It’s grayed out.

    3 weeks ago

    Donna: Sounds like your source videos are less than 1080 resolution.

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