How To Make Mac Launchpad Actually Useful

Most Mac users avoid Launchpad and instead use Spotlight, the Dock or some other method to launch apps. However, with a change and some tips, Launchpad can be a decent app launcher. First, you'll want to assign a keyboard shortcut. Then, you'll want to organize your Launchpad screens so you can find apps easily. You can also use the keyboard to easily search for apps and get more refined results than in Spotlight.

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    5 years ago

    Gary, do you have a video on how to arrange Apps in Launchpad, say alphabetically? I think this would be helpful. Thanks.

    5 years ago

    Pat: There is no automatic way to do it. You have to manually drag them. Not sure how useful alphabetical is. Searching is much faster.

    5 years ago

    Since its introduction in Lion, I've never used Launchpad. Seemed a waste. This totally changes it for me. Indeed, it is quite useful with these tips. Thanks!

    5 years ago

    I have never used anything else, but Launchpad. I so much love it!
    Visually it is very appealing and joy to use. It is extremely useful because I like to identify my application by their colourful icons. Most applications have distinctive icons, and I like their artistic designs, and because of that I like to use the applications by clicking their icons.
    I also like to look at my applications, sort them by categories, by grouping them, and identify the less used ones and remove them.

    Phil Enslin
    5 years ago

    I use an app Launchpad Manager Yosemite available from App Store to accomplish the sorting. It works in OSX Mojave.

    5 years ago

    My apps are in folders by categorie, and I also use Launchpad Manager Yosemite in Mojave to sort them. However, I didn't find it in App Store (Europe), but directly from their website. The free version does it all.
    Thank you Gary for this video, I learned something new about making a keyboard shortcut and to use the arrow keys. Very useful information!

    John Stires
    5 years ago

    I keep 6 or 7 desktops open with apps running in them at all times. Mail in Desktop 1, Safari is in 2, Photoshop, 3 and so on..., Bridge, open, Phocus, open Pages. I not only never use LaunchPad, I rarely "open" apps at all, they're always open and running. I've often wondered why everyone doesn't use this protocol but assumed there were good reasons or else it's no widely t known that desktops are available and a piece of cake to use.

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