How To Resize Photos With a Shortcut On Your iPhone Or iPad

Sometimes you need to shrink an image in order to upload it to a web site or send to someone. You can do this easily on a computer, but it is harder to do on an iPhone or iPad. This Shortcut will give you a way to do it by sharing the photo to create a smaller file.

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    sreenivas reddy
    4 years ago

    Excellent Post. Been looking for this. This will be helpful to reduce the size of the pics

    Martin Kimeldorf
    4 years ago

    You save it to a temp that one you created, or is that the file folder on my iPhone? Or is that something you create inside the file folder? And if so, can you show us how to do that as well?

    4 years ago

    Martin: That is a folder I created in the Files app. You can use any folder you want there or create any one you want there. Up to you.

    Colleen Smitherman
    4 years ago

    How did you get the little red cursor on your iPad video? I do demos for our computer club and could sure use one!

    Lorraine Tee
    4 years ago

    Thank you for posting this handy tip.
    Quick question, is it possible to save the resized image on your iPhone directly and not use iCloud drive?
    I am a relatively new user of the iPhone and would prefer to do this instead of uploading to the cloud.
    Thanks in advance!

    4 years ago

    Lorraine: It is much easier to do it via iCloud. If you are a new user then iCloud is the way to go. Otherwise, you could transfer via AirDrop or save the image to your Photos app and sync your photos.

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