How To Scroll On a Mac

New Mac users sometimes have trouble with scrolling. You can scroll using a trackpad, mouse, the keyboard or scroll bars. Learn how and see some preferences you can change.

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    Dirk Lenz
    4 years ago

    You may also use Space or Shift-Space to scroll within Safari pages.

    Bob Earp
    4 years ago

    Gary, from previous posts I don't think you use a mouse much, but what about horizontal scrolling with a MagicMouse ? How can you control that or, preferably, switch it off as it does crazy things in some apps such as Mail on Catalina.
    I've seen a previous thread on MacMost but it's 2 years old and did not end up with a solution.
    Your suggestion of sending a Terminal command "defaults write MouseHorizontalScroll -bool NO" doesn't work

    4 years ago

    Bob: I think if you really want to disable horizontal scrolling with Catalina, you'll need a third-party app and there seem to be several.

    Bob EARP
    4 years ago

    Tnx Gary. After a search and much testing I found an app called "Scroll" ( that seems to work like a charm !! Horizontal scrolling is only a problem with some apps, Apple Mail particularly whereby it is sooo easy to delete something without meaning to. With Scroll you can set the active area on the M-Mouse that allows horizontal scrolling to remain active but out of the normal area you place yr index finger, meaning you have to purposely set your finger to scroll.

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