iMovie Mirror Effect

You can combine two different techniques in iMovie to create a mirror effect where the same clip is displayed as a mirror image on the left and right.
Video Transcript / Captions
Closed captioning for this video is available on YouTube: iMovie Mirror Effect.

So I'm working on an iMovie course right now and in playing around with iMovie I came across this neat effect that you could do and it's not something I'm going to include in the course but I thought I would show it here because it's kind of fun. The idea is that you can mirror some videos.

So here I am in a brand new iMovie project. I've got just some regular video here of a waterfall. You can mirror it and here's what I mean. It's combining two separate effects.

So first let's go up here on top of the viewer and go to the clip filter and one of the clip filters here is to use Flipped. You can see I can flip it back and forth. So I can have it, you can see the waterfall is kind of leaning that way, I can go back to how it actually was. That's kind of fun but how is that mirroring? Well, that's kind of mirroring just in and of itself.

But you can combine that with a second copy of this. Take it and put it on top right there so it matches. So you've got one copy on top of the other with a cutaway. You can see there's the overlays button and I've set it to cutaway. But I'm going to set it to split screen instead. That's going to split the screen between these two videos. Now they're the same video starting at the same time. So you're just going to get two copies. As you can probably guess what I'm going to do here is I'm going to take one, I'll take the overlay one on top here, I'm going to apply the clip filter flipped to it and now there you go. You've got two waterfalls in opposite directions.

I can switch it so I can go to the overlay here and say I want the position to be right so now I've just switched which side each one is on. You can see it has kind of created this mirror image of each one. You can do it with anything. You can do it with somebody talking which is kind of a neat effect or any kind of visual. I'm not sure how I would personally use the effect but I've looked around on line and some people like doing this kind of thing.