MacMost Now 185: Intelliscanner Mini Scanner and Organizer

The Intelliscanner Mini is a tiny scanner that you can use to catalog your stuff or take it shopping.
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Gary: Hi, this is Gary with MacMost Now. On this Mac World Expo special, let's take a look at the Intelliscanner Mini.
So, a lot of people use their macs to organize their stuff at home. One way to do that is to use a bar code reader to read the bar codes on the back of your DVDs, CDs, your books, and catalog it. And there's a cool little product called the Intelliscanner mini, and it's a tiny little thing that basically, it's even so small you can wear around your neck, and basically it will allow you to go ahead around you home and scan all the stuff. And it actually stores it on the device, and the you can sync it up with your mac later on to get those codes off there. You can also use it for variety of other purposes. I caught up with Paul from Intelliscanner at the expo.
I'm here with Paul from Intelliscanner and they've got a product called the Intelliscanner Mini. Tell me about it.
Paul: This is out Intelliscanner Mini. It's a smart scanner that organizes everything in your home with bar code technology. So you can use it to search, sort, and organize anything in your home that has a bar code on it. Things like books, DVDs, wine, groceries, comics. It allows you to automatically identify the items in your home, and then search and sort and organize them on your computer. And the program has the ability to share that information, as well. So you could export it to our website, or you could export it to your iPhone. So you can see what you have, wherever it is, and you can access that information anywhere.
Gary: So you could catalog all the books you own, and then you could check that information at the store before you buy.
Paul: Absolutely. And in fact, you can even use the scanner to go shopping as well. Rather than buying it at the store, you can go home and get it for a cheaper price.
Gary: So it'll remember what it scans if you're out?
Paul: Absolutely. The scanner is extremely portable. It's designed to be able to be taken anywhere. It just fits right in your pocket, and it stores up to 250 scans before you have to plug it in. So, you can scan anything at all, and then bring it back to download the information.
Gary: And now it's got native Mac software, here.
Paul: That's right. We include a suite of software for organizing different things in your home --Media, Wine, Comics, and just general assets around your home. Let me show you the media software, here. We allow you to keep track of all your book, movies, music, and games. You just take the scanner, plug it into your computer, and it downloads the information. From there you have the ability to search, organize, lend things out to friends, generate reports, and see statistics on what you have.
Gary: So what does your base edition of that cost?
Paul: The Intelliscanner mini starts at $179, which organizes your media. We also have a version for $249 that organizes everything in your home, not just media items, like books and CDs.
Gary: And you have a pro version, too, for store keepers.
Paul: We do. We have the Intelliscanner Soho, which is our small business model, and the Soho does small business inventory management. It also works with third party software like File Maker Pro, and it's $299.
Gary: Well excellent. Thank you very much.
So you can check out for more info on the mini, and also the other Intelliscanner products. 'Til next time, this is Gary Rosenzweig with MacMost Now.