MacMost Now 690: iOS Wallpapers With the Sticky Notes App

There are plenty of graphics apps for the iPhone and iPad that can make wallpapers for use as your lock screen or home screen background. But Sticky Notes makes it very easy to create lock screens that contain personal information, reminders or other messages.
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Hi, this is Gary with MacMost Now! On today's episode let me show you the simple but powerful Iphone and Ipad app- Sticky Notes. So the concept here is simple. You've got that lock screen when you turn on your Ipad and before you unlock it. You're just seeing some sort of colorful background. It would be great if you could actually put notes and and things on there. Maybe notes like reminders to yourself or maybe even information; like say if the Ipad is lost, how to return it. So, you would think that there would be lots of apps or lots of different ways to do it. And there are but most of them are a little difficult and not that easy to use. Sticky notes is basically an app that makes it easy to create these screens. Let me show you!
So on the Ipad, here is what it looks like. You go in and you can start creating a note pretty much immediately. You can select a background here at the bottom. There are tons of cool ones. So you can choose one. You can also of course go to your own photos and choose one or you can choose a solid color. Once you have chosen one, you can then add a note. And you've got your basic sticky notes as you can imagine, that's the typical thing. So, let's do a large one and then I can type some text here. Great! Now I've got that I can move it around on the screen and put it somewhere where it can be easily seen when there's a lock screen on. And I can select it again if I want to very easily to edit it again. So just using this example, let's export it. We can preview the lock screen to make sure, say, yeah let's move that down a little bit. There, okay. Now that's a little better. And then, I can go ahead and save it to my camera roll. Now, let's go into settings here and we go to write a small paper and I can select that as my wallpaper, like that. I can set it to the lock screen. Now when I lock my Ipad and I wake it up again that's what I see there. There are a lot of other things you can add as well. You can add different types of pieces of paper to it or talk bubbles and just regular text right over the background. All sorts of different things, like that. And you can mix them up together even add little calendars notes, like that. So while sticky notes is just a simple graphics tool and you can make these screens in a variety of other ways. It just makes these simple tasks simple and it's pretty cheap so I find it to be very useful. So give it a look. Until next time, this is Gary with MacMost Now.

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    Dan Newbrough
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    Which Sticky Note App ( company name ) is this ?
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