MacMost Now 380: iPad First Look

Take a look at the new iPad from Apple. After unboxing, you'll get a look at the apps that come installed by default and general impressions of the new device.
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Hi, this is Gary At MacMost Now, and this is my first look at the iPad.
So, I got up early this morning and waited in the reservations line at the
Cherry Creek mall in Denver Colorado for an iPad, at the Apple store.
Now, there were lines for both reservations and for people who had not made reservations. The line I was in were four people who had made reservations.
There was about 100 people waiting outside about an hour and a half before the store opened. Now, once the line started moving, it went very quickly. Matter of fact it was only five minutes after nine o'clock - five minutes after it went on sale - that I got in and had the iPad in my hands. So, I took it home, and quickly un-boxed it. Here you can see what it looked like in its casing, it's pretty simple in there, it's just the box with the iPad in it and a couple of accessories hidden underneath it, nothing too fancy. So when I turned it on first thing it wanted was for me to connect to iTunes, so I went ahead and did that, and just did the basic syncing, didn't put any music or photos, or videos on it, and here I'm going to show you what the iPad looks like when you basically are using it raw - just right from the store. Alright, let's take a guided tour of the interface. We slide, unlock like an iPhone on the first touch, the icons slide in. This is all that's installed, there's only one page of applications on here. We've got a calendar, go into that. See we've got daily, weekly, monthly... this view works pretty well. Back, contacts, here. Notes. There are maps, over to Google Maps. YouTube. There's various things here featured. iTunes store, there we've got music and videos. I assume (unless they put videos elsewhere) that there's movies, TV shows and podcasts. At the Apps store first time it asks you to download iBooks. Let's check out the settings. So here we've got our wifi settings on, we'd better choose a network. Right here is some wallpaper with some screen shots I've taken while setting up that are valuable photos. At the bottom here we've got Safari browser. Looks fantastic! I've got mail that I haven't configured yet, setup screen there.
Photos, I've just taken some screen shots here. You can do albums, slideshows. Take a closer look at that in another video. And the iPod - here is our music in podcasts and audio books, the iBooks has finished downloading, go into bookshop - it's empty, except for the sample book; Winnie The Pooh. There we go,
look at that - very nice! So you can see what it looks like in landscape mode
if I go to notes here, I've actually got a list here, on the left. And I press typewriter and I get the large keyboard. Thank you, now it'll be a little bit easier to type on here. So my first impressions of the iPad are, a little heavier than I thought, but not heavy enough to be an issue. It's very nice to use - moves very well, I like how the touch screen feels, so far, like how the Apps looks so far, it's very nice and thin - fit in just about any briefcase / satchel, anything you want without taking up really any space at all. It feels like a solid device, definitely. I'm going to go and take a closer look at it and use it over the next couple of days and then do some very specific videos coming up this week, on features of it, some specific apps, and how to use it, and what I think of it. Hope you found this useful, until next time, this is Gary Rosenzweig at MacMost Now.

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    9 years ago

    NIce review Gary. How is typing on the keyboard? Are you miss typing? Being up here in Canada we don’t get it until late April. :(

      9 years ago

      Typing is OK. Way way better than on an iPhone, but not as good as a real keyboard, of course. You can use the Apple bluetooth keyboard with it, BTW.

    9 years ago

    Thanks for the review, Gary. I have just a few questions, is the sample book in “iBooks” the full book, or just a few pages. And what other accessories does the iPad come with besides the USB cable? Thanks!

      9 years ago

      The sample appears to be a full version (260 pages) of Winnie-the-Pooh. You can also download lots and lots of free (public domain) books from the iBookstore.
      The iPad came with what I show in the video: dock cable and power supply.

    9 years ago

    Great demo video of the iPad! Thanks a bunch for walking us through it (with your fingers.) MacMost is a great site. My first visit and this Applehead loves it.

    9 years ago

    Always look forward to your reviews Gary. Keep up the good work.

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