MacMost Now 881: Linking Charts From Numbers To Pages

You can create a chart in Numbers and then copy and paste it into a Pages or Keynote document. When you do so, the chart is linked and changes to the chart data in Numbers can be synced to your Pages or Keynote document. However, only data can be updated. Labels and the table itself cannot sync between apps, though copy and paste is a decent work-around.

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    Susanne Maron
    11 years ago

    great help to all three 883,882, 881 , all is new to me , wonderful I am keen to learn

    Jose Osorio
    11 years ago

    Hi Gary, excellent tip as usual. I don't know if this happened only to me, but this tip only works (in my mac) if the numbers file is saved locally. If it is in the cloud, it does not show the update option.


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