Mac Basics: How To Rename Files

There are many ways to rename a file or folder on your Mac. You can do it in the Finder with a menu bar command, a keyboard shortcut or the context menu. You can also rename files while working on them in apps. There are also options to batch rename multiple files.

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    Ken V
    4 years ago

    I use a much simpler way to rename files. I select the file (click) I want renamed and then click again. It is the same as hitting return. Ken

    Carl Geis
    4 years ago

    I like the information you share in Mac basics. Perfect for people who are new to Mac.

    Tom Gonser
    4 years ago

    Agree Mac Basics extremely useful. Even experienced users often will find another, often easier, way to accomplish a frequently used task. Other sources for Mac information seem oblivious to the need for including "basics" periodically.

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