MacMost Now 216: Mac OS X Dock Tricks

Learn how to control the appearance of the Dock and how it works. Lots of tips.

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    15 years ago

    I enjoyed the episode. The only problem with it was that the video box with you talking covered a number of the things you were talking about.
    Anyways, I did get enough information to understand what you were talking about and did get some good tips.

    On a different note have you done an episode on how to create a video cast using a Mac.
    I know you have done one on editing but I'm thinking more along the lines of what equipment to use.

      15 years ago

      Check out episodes 119 and 121. Hard to answer a question about equipment -- it really depends on your goals and budget. Even then, there are too many options for me to know about them all and make a good recommendation.

    15 years ago

    Thanks Gary. I did check out the 2 podcasts you directed me to.
    Lots of good tips for me to think about..

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