MacMost Now 88: Make Your Own iPhone Ringtones

Gary Rosenzweig shows you how to use GarageBand to make your own iPhone ringtones. You can use music and effects from GarageBand, or import your own sound files. Then you can transfer them to your iPhone via iTunes and assign them as your main ringtone or specific ringtones for specific contacts. You can also go to to get some free ringtones to use.

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    14 years ago

    can it work for windows?

    14 years ago

    Ialo: There is no GarageBand for Windows.

    13 years ago

    Thank you so much! Now I have the best and funniest ringtone ever!

    12 years ago

    How can I create my own Ringtones with MP3 files if I am using a PC? Thanks!

      12 years ago

      Use iTunes to convert to .aac format. Then you can try changing the .aac file extension to .m4r and then dropping them into iTunes. Not sure if it will work on Windows. Make sure it is less than 30 seconds long, though.

    11 years ago

    how do u convert iphone voice memos into ringtones

      11 years ago

      Find the voice memo files using iTunes. Then use the method defined in the video.

    Jeff D.
    11 years ago

    I'm trying to figure out how to pull the audio from from a YouTube file to make a ringbone. Also in the ringtones you make yourself for us, how about the famous BBC funny animal collection!

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