MacMost Now 820: Making a Better Login Image

You have many options when creating a login image for your Mac user account. You can take a picture with your Mac's camera, and then zoom in and reposition it. You can also apply a variety of special filters to make it more interesting. You can get an image from elsewhere and drag and drop it to create a more unique login image.

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    Jack Hipp
    9 years ago

    Gary - really appreciate your work as it has made me much more productive on my iMac.

    Eric Kestler
    9 years ago


    Where is the login image actually stored on the disk, and in what format?

      9 years ago

      Not sure. You can go hunting for it if you like. Probably in the Library folder. But since you can completely replace it using System Preferences, I don't see the need to know its actual location.

    Godfried Breur
    9 years ago


    When I click on the picture, I DO NOT SEE on the left the three options, such as
    I have Lion OS - 10.7

      9 years ago

      I believe these are new features of Mountain Lion. So you'll need to upgrade if you want to see them.

    9 years ago

    I seem to have lost my default images somehow; don't know how or when this occured. I click on my current image and up comes "no images". How do I get them back from wherever they went? I do have "recents" and "camera" but I'd like to get the default images back.
    Forgot to say I have Mountain Lion 10.8.2.

      9 years ago

      I can't think of any easy steps to do it. You could completely re-install Mountain Lion. But I don't think it would be worth it. Especially when you can pick any one of the billions of images on the Internet and easily use them.

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