MacMost Now 191: Microvision ShowWX Pico Projector

In this MacWorld Expo special, take a a look at this tiny laser-based projector that is about the size of an iPhone and projects an image from an iPod or iPhone or any video source.
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Gary Rosenzweig: Hi, this is Gary with MacMost Now and another MacWorld Expo Special. Let's take a look at a really cool and a really tiny projector.
It's called a Show WX Pico Projector from Microvision and it's really tiny. It's about the size of an iPod or an iPhone. You can hook it up to your iPod or iPhone and project onto a wall nearby. It uses lasers, that's right, laser, to project the image and it autofocuses on whatever you're projecting it on. It's super cool and I caught up with Matthew from Microvision at the Expo and he told me all about it.
Matthew: Hi guys, this is Matthew Harmine from Microvision. I'm the product manager for what we think is a very cool device for a lot of other cool devices, such as iPods and iPhones out there.
Here what I'm showing is our ShowWX Pico Projector. This is a laser-based Pico Projector. Microvision has created this specifically for global devices. What we're looking at today is just the ShowWX connect via cable to an iPod Nano. So I'll go ahead and show what this video looks like.
So what you're looking at is kind of in a home environment, a projection image that can go from anywhere, from 20 inches up to 100 inches. Now 100 inches is only in a dark environment so it's not going to replace any big projector any time soon but it's going to be a projector that you really can put inside your pocket.
And then you can also pull it out very quicker anywhere such as a Starbucks, your home, your parents, your family. Quickly connect it to an iPod or iPhone and it's very similar in size to the iPhone.
So now it's not only affordable, but it's also portable to show information in a bigger screen size. So right now this is not yet available on the market, starting middle of this year 2009. The target price is in the $4-500 price range, depending on the availability of some of the other configurations we're looking at.
To get more information, please visit the site We have a VIP program started so you can be the first to know when you can buy this.
Gary: Can you quickly give some more examples of different ways people might use this. You gave the Starbucks example, you probably have some things in mind.
Matthew: Oh, yes. So one of the cool things about this product is that every one of us has a camera. It's in our phones, we have a digital still camera, we have an HD camera we're walking around with. One of the challenges is that we have a small display where we try to share that information on.
For example, if I have vacation pictures from my Costa Rica trip on my iPhone, the hard part is actually sharing it with other people. So usually it's 'Here, take a look at this picture' I don't know what you're looking at but that's me somewhere in there. But if we could now have -- I could hold it and project it to 3, 4, 5 different people at the same time and not fear the risk of here, take it and them dropping it.
So one of the applications also is to show video too. So we've got a bunch of video from iTunes and it's trapped on this small little display. Now you can go to a friend and say, 'Let's watch a music video' 'Let's watch a TV show' 'Let's watch a movie'. We spend a lot of money on content, now you can actually have a much bigger screen experience with this content.
So one of the cool things that we always do is: envision you're in bed, you turn all the lights off and just before you fall asleep you project a 100 inch image up on your ceiling and watch a TV show. Not many TVs are mounted on a ceiling that I've seen but now you can actually technically have a TV up on your ceiling.
So one of the really cool things with our technology is it allows an infinite focus. So this is the fiddle-free focus functionality. So as I just come in closer, it always stays in focus. I never have to adjust any of that focus. Now that inherent to our technology. We use lasers, yes 'lasers' and it allows you to move back and create a bigger image. Fiddle-free is what we talk about. I don't want everyone to look at an unfocussed image. Now all I can do is just move it back and I've got a clean, sharp image.
Gary: You can find out more at Until next time this is Gary Rosenzweig with MacMost Now.

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    10 years ago

    that is very very kewl i want one for my ipod

    10 years ago

    Why is this video no longer available?

      10 years ago

      Not sure what you mean. This video is available. They all are. Are you getting an error message when trying to watch it?

    10 years ago

    I can not see the video… there is nothing to see. No controls, no a tiny screen, just the space…

      10 years ago

      Can you see any video on the site? At What browser, OS, version and version of Flash installed in the browser are you using?

    9 years ago

    Only 10 lumens? you gotta be kidding.. weeaaak

      9 years ago

      It’s laser so 10 lumens is quite brighter than you’d expect since the light is focused on each individual pixel, no waste, low heat. I’ve seen this in real life and the picture is awesome. Better colors than any Plasma/LCD/LED tv out there.

    9 years ago

    Video looked fine for me. Can’t wait until these are sold in the U.S.

      9 years ago

      Hopefully the wait shouldn’t be much longer. Microvision says US launch in Q1, that’s this quarter so hopefully in the next couple of months. The delay so far has been due to green laser constraints. Green lasers should not be an issue in 2010, per the CEO, Alexander Tokman (I know I can trust that man).

    9 years ago

    FOr a piece of junk I don’t think this is worth $500. Any idea why MICROVISION delayed the released in the USA? A lot of people said that with so many pocket projectors out there this piece of junk is a waste of money. Think about it CYCLOP sell for $99. 3M sell for 239. and more to name a few that sell way way low than this piece of junk. BEWARE shop 1st before considering Mic ShowMX. Do u think this is worth $500 considering this is not proven yet. GOOD LUCK and word of advice pls save your money.

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