MacMost Now 133: Mobile Broadband

Gary Rosenzweig talks about the mobile broadband service from Sprint that he has been using. With a wireless USB modem, he is able to get broadband speeds just about anywhere. Good as a travel solution, or as a backup to a connection at home or at work.

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    16 years ago

    Good show. Looks like Mobile Broadband is more expensive in the USA than in the UK, but you do seem to have higher 'Fair Usage' Policy's. One great thing that we have in the UK, which I'm not sure is available in the USA is Pay as you Go Mobile Broadband.

    16 years ago

    Very good show Gary! I wondered how good that Sprint mobile USB was but I think I would hit my "cap" each month.
    Funny, I left Sprint and went with AT&T when the iPhone came out. :-)

    13 years ago

    i did subscribe Garry and i spread the word among my friends hoping that they would realize how good is your show...i my self found very interesting tips and news for my Mac!Thank u and good luck !

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