MacMost: Connectivity

MacMost Now 712: iPhone Personal Hotspot
If your carrier supports it, you can set up a personal hotspot with your iPhone so other devices like a MacBook or iPad can access the Internet. You can also connect with a dock cable or via Bluetooth.
MacMost Now 444: Airport Location Utility
The Airport Location utility allows you to take snapshots of your Mac's preferences and then manually or automatically switch between these preferences. This could save time if you use your Mac in different environments or in different modes. For instance, you could create snapshots for work, home, library or travel and then easily change dozens of settings with just one action.
MacMost Now 420: Mobile Hotspots
Mobile wireless Internet connections have evolved into mobile hotspots: devices that allow you create your own Internet-connected wifi network while on the go. You can get mobile hotspot devices from Verizon and Sprint. This sort of connection has many advantages over USB devices and public Internet access.
MacMost Now 400: iPad File Sharing
The iPad has many apps that can be used to create and view documents. Getting those documents to and from the iPad can be done using several different methods. You can do it using iTunes and special features built into some apps.
MacMost Now 360: Set Up Wireless Security
If you have a wireless network at home you should set up wireless security. It is as simple as setting a password through the Airport Utility application or the Web interface of your wireless router. This will not only prevent others from accessing your network and using your Internet connection, but it will also encrypt your data.
MacMost Now 345: Setting Up an Airport Extreme for Outside Access
You can use Airport Utility to configure your Airport Extreme so you can access your Macs for file sharing and screen sharing. It involves both DHCP reservations and Port Forwarding. It also helps if you have a static IP address for your home Internet access.
MacMost Now 133: Mobile Broadband
Gary Rosenzweig talks about the mobile broadband service from Sprint that he has been using. With a wireless USB modem, he is able to get broadband speeds just about anywhere. Good as a travel solution, or as a backup to a connection at home or at work.
MacMost Now 2: MacBook Mobile Access
Gary Rosenzweig looks at the options for hooking your MacBook up to the net through Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile. You can use Express34 cards or USB devices to get access almost anywhere in the U.S.