MacMost Now 420: Mobile Hotspots

Mobile wireless Internet connections have evolved into mobile hotspots: devices that allow you create your own Internet-connected wifi network while on the go. You can get mobile hotspot devices from Verizon and Sprint. This sort of connection has many advantages over USB devices and public Internet access.

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    Peter Emery
    14 years ago

    Another way to create a wireless hotspot using a USB modem is to enable Internet Sharing on a Mac fitted with an Airport card.

    Set up sharing from the USB modem to devices using Airport in the Sharing Preference in System Preferences. With a little work, this connection can be made secure.

      14 years ago

      The problem is that this doesn't work -- at least not the times I have tried it. With my old USB modem I was specifically stopped from setting up a shared network by the drivers. They had a block in there for it. I'm sure this varies according to device and the carrier, though. I was using the most popular device on a pretty big carrier.
      They may not care about this any more, since there are these wifi devices out there now anyway, but I doubt they will take the time to update the firmware to lift those old restrictions.

    13 years ago

    HOT SPOTS!it would be nice for one to able to have a service for thee ipod touch one would pay for such service it would be so convienontand easy to do such could brows thee internet purhces any content one desiers at thee comforts of your own home,of cours for one that dosent own a computer i could say for many people and,it would make people happy to know they could pay for such service even if it;s just an ipod touch.THANK YOU!!!Foryourtime.

    Kathy Whitehurst
    13 years ago

    Hi Gary, I have one of the verizon and it was working great. Then last week I could not get on it from my mac. I called the support desk and they try some setting and still could not get it to work. However, when I took it into the store it worked for them. They told me to bring in my mac and they would configure. I don't really want them to mess with my computer. Do you know of any settings I need to change? I thought odd that it worked one day and not the other. I never downloaded the software. Just used the device like any wireless hotspot. Thanks and love keep the website going!

      13 years ago

      I would take them up on their offer to help. It is very difficult to troubleshoot these kinds of things without being there. Just have them work with you to change the settings so you know what they did to fix it.

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