MacMost Now 445: New iPods, Apple TV

Apple announced a whole new iPod line-up today, with a new Shuffle, Nano and iPod Touch. They also talked about iOS 4.1 and 4.2. A Apple TV will allow streaming video playback from other computers and Internet rentals from Apple or Netflix.

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    bill braun
    14 years ago

    What do I do with my Apple TV that is not yet even a year old, if I want to buy the new Apple TV. Is there a way to use it as Time Machine or some other sort of backup?


      14 years ago

      Paperweight? Or, better yet, one of those things that keeps your coffee warm (it gets really hot).
      But seriously, there's no way to convert it to something else like a Time Capsule. But you can keep using it in another room perhaps? I plan on relocating my old Apple TV to another room. It will still work. And it can do almost everything the new one does (except maybe Netflix).

    G Tyler
    14 years ago

    I had bought my Apple TV mostly to backup my photos from my iMac. Since then, I have bought another iMac and a Mac Mini for my kids. Then I picked up a Time Capsule and it does all the back up duty (plus acts as a great wireless access point). I also have an iPad which is great for showing photos, so my Apple TV doesn't get much use anymore. My Bluray player, Wii, and PS3 can stream Netflix to my TV so I don't have any plans to pick up the new Apple TV.

    There are some sites that show you how to install a different OS on the Apple TV so that may be interesting to do. Would be neat if Apple somehow let us 'unlock' them more easily and transferred their 'hobby' to actual hobbyists. Not holding my breath for that.

    I did order a 32GB iPod Touch because my first generation iPod Touch was not upgradeable. I figure this protects my app investment.

    I am mad that the iPad is not getting any OS upgrade until November. Why do we have to wait so long when all the other devices have v4?

    BTW, Steve Jobs emailed back a friend of mine who asked him if the current Apple TV was going to get the Netflix upgrade... the reply was "Sorry, no."

      14 years ago

      Using the Apple TV as a photos backup was probably not a good idea. There is no easy way to get photos back from it, should you ever need to restore. I'm not even sure it has the real photos on it. It may have SD video-resolution copies.

    G Tyler
    14 years ago

    I realized that the Apple TV wasn't a good back up device soon after I bought it, but this was before they had the Time Capsule product. In fact I bought it one week before they lowered the price. Luckily, there was an online form to request a refund of the difference.

    It now makes sense that Apple is dropping the hard drive.

    It's not like I would take the Apple TV with me on vacation and watch the content somewhere else...

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    13 years ago

    In your video you mentioned the iTunes download version 10. I received this download on the 26th August and it said version 10.4.1 running on Snow Leopard is there any difference Gary.

      13 years ago

      Not sure what you mean. This video is from a year ago, so there have been many updates to iTunes since.

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