MacMost Now 180: New Year’s Mac Resolutions

Some ideas for New Year's resolutions that will help you be a better Mac user.
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Hi, this is Gary with MacMost Now. Looking to make some New Year's Resolutions? Well I've got some Mac related ones for you that you may wanna try out.
So, here's some ideas for some New Year's Resolutions that'll help you make a better Mac user.
For instance, one that I struggle with all the time is trying to keep my desktop clean. It's always cluttered with files and folders and things that I should have thrown away.
Well, one great way to keep your desktop clean is to go ahead and clean it out right now by looking at your desktop in column view. It's in your user's folder there under desktop. I find it must easier in column view to get rid of items on the desk top then trying to do it with the desk top items on your screen background. I go and file them away in the documents folder, and various places create new folders that hind items that don't have a proper place for them, and delete items that should have been deleted a long time ago.
Now, to keep your desktop clean all the time you can try different things like for instance cleaning your desktop at the end of every day or try not to put items on your desktop at all.
One of the things I really try to do is I try to make sure that whenever I download something from the internet, I'm sure it automatically goes to my downloads folder or my users folder, not to my desktop, so everything's filed away neatly in there and doesn't clutter my desktop. And also, I try to make sure if I create a file and I stick it on my desktop temporarily that almost immediately when I'm done creating it, I go ahead and find a new place for it in my documents folder or a new folder that I create.
Another good New Year's Resolution is to make sure that you back-up routinely. Having a good back-up routine is very important, now if you already have Leopard then you have Time Machine so if you're not backing up with Time-Machine because you don't have an external drive, now's a good time to go and invest in one. You can go and buy one for pretty cheap. You can get one for under a hundred bucks and start hooking it up to your machine all the time so that it backs up. If you don't wanna use Time-Machine there's a lot of other programs you can use out there to back-up as long as you back-up, you're good.
A lot of people don't realize this until the first time they have a hard-drive failure or lose a critical file and then they start backing up. Don't let that be you, start backing-up now, before you have a problem.
Now, if you commonly surf the internet on your Mac book on high Wifi spots like coffee shops or a hotels, you wanna be very aware of internet security and you wanna go ahead and protect yourself.
Episode number 48 and episode number 66 of MacMost Now gives some suggestions for this. You wanna do this BEFORE you get something stolen, like passwords or credit card numbers.
Another good New Year's Resolution is to resolve to always keep your Mac up to date. It's amazing how many Mac users ignore software updates or have it turned off, or just continuously put it off.
Make sure that you're updated, make sure you have all security patches and makes sure you have all the software that you bought is running at its optimal performance by having the latest patches.
Here is a bit more of a radical New Year's Resolution. Why not try going into 2009 without any DRM or Digital Rights Management. So in other words, buying only music that is DRM free and buying only music from artists that allow there music to be distributed in DRM free format. So when in iTunes, make sure you only purchase DRM free music, or go somewhere else to buy DRM free music. And stop supporting the DRM model, which basically doesn't do anything to stop piracy, but treats honest users like us like criminals.
And finally, why not get organized in 2009. You've got a Mac, which is a great tool for organizing your life and work. So, go ahead and look for some tools that'll help you do this. For instance, go to the website and in the software downloads section look at the productivity tools. There's tons of great user software that may fit your needs for personal organization. So, take a look, and be resolved in 2009 to get organized.
This is Gary from MacMost Now wishing you a Happy New Year, thanks for watching.