MacMost Now 46: Protecting Files With a Password

Gary Rosenzweig looks at one method to protect a set of files with a password. It involves using Disk Utility to create an encrypted disk image.

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    16 years ago

    Very useful video Gary, perhaps you can also make one detailing password protection for .Mac. For example, how long does it take to activate and can I password protect more than one file on .Mac at a time?

    15 years ago

    That is great, I have been looking at hiding some files! LOL...!!

    13 years ago

    Hi Gary,

    How do I delete a disk image? Do I have to do it via the utility, or can I simply delete from the directory I saved it in?


      13 years ago

      A disk image, when not open, is just a large file. Delete it as you would any file.

    13 years ago

    Dear Gary,

    I used to have True Crypt to safely store private files. There I could take the box (or disk image containing all my stored files and folders) and open it in another computer (as long as that too had True Crypt installed on it). Saved on Mac I could open it in Windows and vice versa. Does the disk image created on Mac provide the same flexibility?

      13 years ago

      Mac disk images could only be opened on a Mac. I have tried TrueCrypt, but since it requires that TrueCrypt be installed to use it at all, I didn't find it very useful.

    12 years ago

    will disk image file be lost after Mac OS X erase & install ?

      12 years ago

      ALL of your files will be lost after an erase and install of the OS, if that is what you mean, yes. Only do an erase and install of the OS if you have major problems and all else has failed.

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