Quickly Access Camera and Photo Functions With 3D Touch

On iPhones that support 3D Touch, you can quickly access camera functions and also preview and access photo functions. To get to the Camera functions, tap hard on the Camera icon. To get to the Photos functions, tap hard on a photo and swipe up.
Video Transcript / Captions
Closed captioning for this video is available on YouTube: Quickly Access Camera and Photo Functions With 3D Touch.

I've really been enjoying using 3D touch on my new iPhone 7+. You can, of course, use 3D touch on the 6S, 6S+, 7, and 7+.
The idea is that you tap harder with your finger than normal just touch would be.

So I'm going to try that with the Camera here because I want to show you two ways that I use it that have to do with photos.
One is taking pictures with the Camera you tap down hard with 3D touch and you can jump immediately into taking a Selfie so the camera is facing you, Recording a Video, or going right to Slo-mo, or taking a photo normally.

That's different than jumping in by just touching the camera icon and jumping into the last mode that you were in with the camera. So it helps speed up doing some of those things.

Also in the Photos app you can use it in a very different way. If I tap on a photo, of course, it takes me right into the full view of that photo. But I can actually tap hard and you can see I got there for a second the image there. If I tap too hard it goes right into it. So you kind of have to do this medium tap so you can very quickly view a photo.

Now notice there's that little arrow at the top that tells me if I swipe up while I'm tapping down hard I get these functions here. I can actually lift my finger up and it keeps those functions on the screen. So it's kind of like right click or Control click or two finger tap on the trackpad on a Mac that brings up extra functions.

So I can very quickly Copy, Share, Favorite, or view more photos from the day, or delete this photo without actually having to go into it. With just this quick gesture. So again what I'm doing here is I'm tapping with a medium press and swiping up and I get these extra options.

That's just a little bit of a look with some of the things you can do with 3D touch that have to do with Photos. I'm still playing around with 3D touch. There's so many hidden things people are reporting online all the time. New cool things they can do using 3D touch just to make it quicker to use your iPhone.