MacMost Now 41: Secure Empty Trash Login Alias

Gary Rosenzweig answers some questions from viewers, including ones about using secure empty trash, requiring people to logon to use some applications and the difference between aliases and symbolic links.

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    richard BENDER
    14 years ago

    In December 09 just before my Mac crashed and burned and had to have a new hard drive installed I hired a MAC guru to come to my office and help me with many things. He also helped me change the over write settings to MORE securely empty trash. I cannot locate my notes that told me how to do it again. Can/will you assist me in this quest? Walk me thru the steps?

    Thank you in advance,

      14 years ago

      I can't imagine what steps he would have taken. Securely Empty Trash overwrites those bits on your hard drive with zeros. I can't see how changing some settings would do more than that. Perhaps this was a long time ago, before the current function was available?

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