Send Feedback to Apple

If you have a suggestion, feature request or complaint, you can send it to Apple though their special feedback page. This page isn't for support, but rather for general feedback and comments. You are unlikely to hear back from Apple, however.
Video Transcript / Captions
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If you're having a problem with your Apple products you want to contact their support or visit the Genius Bar. But if it's not exactly trouble you are having, you just want to make a suggestion, you have an idea, or you want to complain about how something works with a piece of Apple software or hardware, then the place to go is

This is a page that has been around for a long time. It allows you to actually send information to Apple about something like an idea or a complaint or something like that.

What you want to do, is you want to go and find the product that you're talking about on that page. Now if it's hardware related, like actually something that physically has to do with the machine, then here at the top you've got a list of Macs, you've got other devices like AirPort Extreme, you've got iPods, Apple TV, iPads, etc.

If it's software related then you want to go down toward the bottom and you can see iOS apps, you can see Mac OS apps, you can see things having to do with iCloud, Apple Music, Apple Pay, that kind of thing.

So you want to make sure you pick the right thing. A lot of times people want to give feedback about some software but I imagine they click on their Mac instead. So you want to look down here in software primarily.

So say you have a suggestion for iMovie, for instance. You would click iMovie and the form here will be customized. A little different for every different option you pick. So the options won't always be the same. Here you can leave your name and email address. Type a good subject. Type of feedback. Type out a description of what you're talking about and then provide them with more information.

Now here's the thing. You're probably not going to hear back from Apple. As a matter of fact I don't think I've ever heard about anybody hearing back from Apple from submitting a form here. But somebody from Apple will read it or at least it will go into a database and I'm sure they kind of track things. I'm sure that when they have ideas they may search that database to see how many times people have talked about that particular feature or idea.

So, it is a good idea to go ahead and do it. It's the only official way to really send this kind of feedback to Apple. If there is something that you want to tell them this is the way to do it.