Step By Step: Using The Mac Batch Rename Tool

You can rename a group or folder full of files at the same time using the built-in batch rename tool in the macOS Finder. You can simple replace some text with other text in all of the selected files, add text to the names, or add numbers to each file. When using numbers, you can replace the names with some text and a number, or keep the current name and add a number before or after it.

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    Tim A
    5 years ago

    How did you learn/discover these fascinating behaviors of the Rename command? I've been using Rename for years and never had a clue such options existed.
    So thanks for the new insights.

    Brad T
    5 years ago

    Excellent, I had no idea that ability was built in. I had previously been using a paid app. Very thorough examination of the tool as well.

    5 years ago

    Another good one Gary. I continue to be amazed at how you crawl through the feature rich software and extract this stuff. Can one do this in the Photos App?

    5 years ago

    Gene: Not, as you can't even rename the files from the Photos app manually.

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