MacMost: Support

Using the New Apple Support App
The new Apple Support app is available in the iOS app store and will help you solve problems on your iOS devices and Macs. In addition to including helpful information, you can use it to call Apple or schedule a call or repair.
Send Feedback to Apple
If you have a suggestion, feature request or complaint, you can send it to Apple though their special feedback page. This page isn't for support, but rather for general feedback and comments. You are unlikely to hear back from Apple, however.
MacMost Now 425: Menu Bar Help Menu
You can use the Help menu present in almost all applications to find menu commands, search documentation and get information. You can also use it as a way to navigate the menu bar using only your keyboard.
MacMost Now 401: 7 Pages at You May Not Know About
You may be familiar with the store, discussion forums and software lists at Apple's site. But did you know you can locate a repair shop, download PDF manuals, view movie trailers and more?