Using the New Apple Support App

The new Apple Support app is available in the iOS app store and will help you solve problems on your iOS devices and Macs. In addition to including helpful information, you can use it to call Apple or schedule a call or repair.
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Hi, this is Gary with On this episode let's take a look at the new Apple Support App.

This is a brand new app in the App Store. The way to get it is to go into the App Store on your iPhone, your iPad, or any iOS device and search for Apple Support. Then you'll come up with this app from Apple.

Now once you've added it, it's a pretty small app, you can run it and get some basic support from Apple. It's going to walk you through a series of screens first just to give you a basic overview. A lay of the land.

Then you'll land on this page here which shows you all the Apple devices that are associated with your Apple ID. So you really, quickly, can jump right into whatever device it is that you're having trouble with.

Depending on which device you pick you're going to get different options. So for instance if I picked my iPhone 7 I'm going to get all this help information from various topics that are obviously specific to the iPhone 7. If I choose MacBook Pro instead you can see the options are different.

Then as you dig down you'll get more specific things. So you'll be able to get help with lots of things. Now these are frequently asked questions so don't ignore these. These may actually have the answer that you're looking for.

But if they don't then you can go and get support. So it goes to this screen here where you can actually make a phone call right from your iPhone to Apple Support or you can schedule a call for later. You can also view other support options as well.

So this is a great place to go as your first step in getting support. You don't have to need the support on your iPhone. In other words you can have a problem with your Mac and then use your iPhone or iPad with the support app to get support through there.

Right now there isn't a Mac version of this. You can, of course, easily go to the Apple Support website instead. However it doesn't look like there is any way to schedule an appointment at the Genius Bar so you're still going to have to use the website to do that.

It looks like this app instead is an alternative to going to the Genius Bar. Now if you have a newer iPhone then you can use the 3D touch on it to actually bring up this little handy menu here and go right to a section.

Another section in there that you can see here through this 3D touch is the ability to get information on your device including the warranty and when it expires. You can get information like your serial number and such.

Comments: 10 Responses to “Using the New Apple Support App”

    Andrew phair
    2 years ago

    Either it is not yet available or it is not available in the U.K.

    2 years ago

    Andrew: Give it time. Apple is rolling it out region by region.

    2 years ago

    I have been trying to get this app. After putting in my password it asks me to buy or cancel.. Apple can’t really be charging for this, can they?

    2 years ago

    Janice: No, of course not. It is free.

    2 years ago

    Gary, then WHY does the app keep asking me cancel or buy? I have tried several times, on my iPhone and iPad. Should I just hit buy and see what happens?

    2 years ago

    Janice: Is it the work “buy” that is bothering you? “Buy” is used in places no matter what the price. If an app is marked as “free” then you are buying it for $0.

    2 years ago

    Thanks, Gary for posting this. It will be helpful.

    2 years ago

    Gary, is it available on the iMac? My search on the App Store did not come up with it.

    2 years ago

    Ray: No. This is an iOS app.

    2 years ago

    Apple Support App is only avail in USA at the moment – so Safari Says.. I just watched Garys Vid, and promptly tried to get it, but i am in Australia, and will have to wait!

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