MacMost Now 926: Taming Your Apps In iOS 7

There are three ways to tracks your app usage in iOS 7. You can see how much storage space each app is using. You can see which apps are using location services, and which ones are using it at this very moment, possibly using your battery more than you would like. You can also see how much cellular data each app is using and deny apps access to data when you are away from a wifi connection.

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    Mike Stark
    11 years ago

    Always helpful and well presented. Thank you for all the effort and time required to put out a consistently reliable source of current and useful knowledge about an appendage many of us could not be as efficient as these inventive tools have allowed.

    bob weber
    11 years ago

    Tremendously helpful.

    11 years ago

    I find you all you videos very helpful and easy to follow. As are all your videos : )
    Thank you Gary

    11 years ago

    In IOS6 was able to turn off individual apps by pressing home button twice then pressing app on the bottom and wiggling red dot appeared, which I pressed to turn off that app. This procedure does not work in IOS7. What is the new procedure?

    11 years ago

    New to Mac and to your site. Absolutely fabulous Gary.
    Thanks a mil.

    11 years ago

    Great information as always! Please keep up the good work!

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