Technical Terms: CAPTCHA

When you sign up or log in to a web site, or fill out a form, you will often be asked to complete a task such as typing some random characters from an image or selecting images from a group. This is called a CAPTCHA. These are used to protect web sites from automatic systems that try to log into accounts or create new ones.

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    6 years ago

    I always get a CAPTCHA when I try to use Google while going through a VPN. This never happens when I use Bing. It seems clear to me that if Google cannot harvest any data from you, they will not let you use their search engine, and they use CAPTCHAs for this purpose.

    Pete S.
    6 years ago

    While this function is essential to distinguish (wo)man from machine I find the images of such poor quality it is impossible to selected the one(s) they requested. After 6 or 7 cycles of requests I just give up. If they can't make the images clear enough for a person to make out what they want need to find another method.

    6 years ago

    Stop requiring passwords. No one can remember them anyway. And it is a pain to apply for a new one. I always give up when asked to go thru this time consuming idiocy

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