The F-Keys and Special Features Keys on the Mac Keyboard

Learn how to use the keys on the top row of your Mac keyboard. You can use them to send F1, F2, and other F-Keys to the app you are currently using, or you can use them to control special features like screen brightness and volume. Learn how to toggle which requires the FN key and which does not.

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    2 years ago

    Gary, I have a Mac extended keyboard and have the Function Keys option turned on. All the features for the keys work as they should except the brightness keys do not work. I need to specify that I have a Mac Mini with a non-Mac monitor. Would that be the reason why brightness function key does not work? Btw I tried turning the function keys option off, but the result is the same. Thx

    2 years ago

    Nick: A Mac mini or Mac Studio would use an external display and the brightness would be controlled by the screen's controls, not the system. If you can't adjust them in System Settings, Display, then the keys are just a shortcut to that.

    Steve F
    1 year ago

    Watched this video, but my problem is that while I have ˆD (control/D) for dictionary, it deletes. I went to settings/keyboard/keyboard shortcuts and checked every option on the left to look at the shortcut key - none show the ˆD assigned to "delete." Is there a way to see EVERY assigned shortcut key so I can change the conflicting keys? Thanks.

    1 year ago

    Steve: Not sure what you mean by having Control+D assigned to Dictionary. Do you mean in System Settings, Keyboard, Keyboard Shortcuts, Services? I wouldn't use Control+D for that. That is something used at a lower system level in text editors for delete as you have found out. Pick something else.

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