Understanding the Browser Address Bar

Many people misuse the browser address bar by typing in the names of sites instead of complete URLs. In the address bar you can type a search term, domain name, or a full webpage address. But if you simply type in the name of a site, you will get search results instead of going to that site.

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    Luke Thomas
    7 years ago

    Very nice hints--I didn't know about switching on the full address in the Advanced icon. Thanks!

    7 years ago

    I'm sure you know this already, but rather than typing .com at the end of the domain name I simply type the forward slash, example: macmost/ is the same as typing macmost.com (at least in Safari)

    7 years ago

    nick: Interesting. Thanks for sharing that. It looks like it takes the / as an indicator that you want to do a URL, not a search. Then it kinda autocorrects the domain by adding a .com -- though it may just add the most obvious one since it adds .org when you try wikipedia/

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