Understanding the File And Folder Structure Of Your Mac

Learn about the folder structure of your Mac's drive from the top level to your user folder. Find out what different folders are for and how using iCloud Drive changes things.

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    3 days ago

    The iPhotos library is not stored in iCloud Drive but on my Mac’s hard drive per your statement: images is because they would be local to your hard drive and not taking up space in iCloud Drive. Please clarify. Are they taking up space on my hard drive? I pay for 200 GB on the Cloud thinking that’s where the photos are (and desktop/document files).

    Victor Forbes
    2 days ago

    This was extremely helpful – even though I’ve been a Mac user for 30+ years. One question – will Time Machine backup desktop and document folders that are on iCloud?

    1 day ago

    Karen: You can have your Photos library in iCloud, yes. Or not. It is your choice.

    1 day ago

    Victor: If you have the “Optimize” feature turned off, then all of your iCloud files are also stored locally at all times. So then Time Machine would work as expected.

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