Undo Safari Window and Tab Closing

If you close a window in Safari by mistake, you can instantly reopen it and reload that page by choosing History, Reopen Last Closed Window. If you closed a tab in a window it is even easier. You can useEdit, Undo Close Tab or just press Command+Z.

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    Paula Lee Bright
    7 years ago

    How can I keep Safari from opening all the tabs from my last session?


      7 years ago

      You can do it many ways. One is to close the tabs and windows before you quit. Closing and quitting are two different actions. If you quit without closing, then launching again simply gets you back to where you were before, a great feature of Safari and most other modern apps.
      A shortcut to do this is Command+Option+Q which closes all windows and quits.
      You can turn this entire feature off (not recommended) in System Preferences, General.

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