MacMost Now 645: Using Chapter Markers In iMovie 11

You can place chapter markers while creating video projects in iMovie. These can be used to jump to parts of your video while viewing it in QuickTime Player, iTunes or on iOS and Apple TV. You can also use chapter markers to quickly create DVDs with iDVD that include those markers. Chapter markers and comments can both be used in your project to allow to you jump to specific times while you are editing.

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    12 years ago

    Thank you very much Gary, very useful info on iMovie 11, enjoy you're newsletter a lot,please keep it up.

    12 years ago

    Hi Gary,

    Thanks for doing these videos! They are very helpful for a new iMovie user like myself.

    I am using iMovie '11 on a MacBook Pro 10.7.2. I have edited over 20 clips and put the chapters in the way I learned on your site. When I play the video back, there are no pauses in between the clips. The way the movie progresses, I'd like there to be pauses between some of the chapters, but not between others...

    Can you help?

      12 years ago

      Simply add background graphics between the clips. Go to the Maps and Backgrounds chooser (button with the globe) and drag and drop a black background between the two clips. Select it and set the length of time for each in the Clip properties.

    12 years ago

    Any idea why the chapter titles don't show up on my iPhone 4S?
    I tried exporting the movies in different format. The chapter titles shows perfectly on iTunes or Quicktime,
    but my iPhone just shows "Chapter 1", "Chapter 2".. and so on.

    Pls help!

      12 years ago

      Is there any way to get mobile devices to list the chapter titles rather than Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc? That's pretty useless for me.

    Jason A
    12 years ago

    Thank you so much for your help, this is exactly what I was looking for!

    12 years ago

    I don't seem to have the chapter marker icon anywhere. Can you help

      12 years ago

      Not sure why you aren't seeing it. Make sure you are IN a project and that you are using iMovie 11. Oh, and perhaps you have Advanced Tools turned off in the prefs?

    12 years ago

    Great easy to follow!!

    carol cifelli
    11 years ago

    Yeah, so glad i found your site. Thank you
    My question is, "How can i move or delete my chapter marker?"
    I need to move my marker a few frames sooner and it is not doing anything. I am in imovie.

      11 years ago

      To move a marker, just drag it. Make sure it is NOT selected. Just click elsewhere. Then click and drag the marker. To delete it, click it again so it has a yellow selection outline. Then press the Delete key.

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